Welcome to my portfolio!

I'm Alexandra, a 27 years old woman, living and working in Sevenoaks. Me and my husband moved to the UK from Hungary, almost 2 years ago. It is not a long time, but a lot happenned for sure! When we settled down, I finally decided to act on my long-time dream, and started to take photography more seriously. 
I launched my business on the spring of 2020, with big, big hopes...then the whole pandemic thing hit us. Then, we were blessed with our wonderful first daughter!:)
Now I am slowly starting to get back to photography. Of course, being a mother is a huge source of inspiration itself, so I started to deepen my knowledge in newborn photography. 
I love the diversity and complexity of being a photographer. I quickly realized I don't want to limit myself with just focusing on one tiny part of it...you can never know where beauty comes from. If I have to choose, I mainly enjoy taking photos of people, especially in my little home studio, with controlled lights. But being in the nature, or take more edgy, artistic landscape photos are also my thing. Editing and retouching is also an essential part of my work. I either want to catch the emotions of real people - or I want to create it, with taking pictures with an atmosphere. I really love the endless possibility and the creative freedom of making and giving something meaningful.

If you find my work interesting, you can contact me here on my site, or on my Facebook page as well. 
Can't wait to meet you!:)

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